About Realm of Film

Realm of Film is a platform for reviewing, dissecting and appreciating all things film – the clue’s really in the name.

This blog is designed to both entertain and inform. Within, you’ll find periodic film reviews of the latest from Indie-land and Hollywood, academic articles on all things film, and interviews and guest content from people far more interesting than I am.

The world could always use more film-buffs, so feel free to download and share any of the content from the blog.

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Ernest Hemmingway once said (in part) ‘The world is a fine place’. What most people don’t realise is he actually finished that quote with – ‘… when a great movie is on’.

About the Author

I’m an Australian-born Irishman raised in the United Arab Emirates who has lived in New Zealand. Imagine me trying to answer where I’m from in 500 words or less.

Film is my passion – watching it, writing about it and hopefully one day writing for it. Film theory was a major component of my Bachelor’s degree completed in University College Dublin, screenwriting and perfecting the craft in words was a part of my Master’s degree in The University of Queensland, and I have reviewed and written for numerous publications over the years on the subject.

But more than that, I love a trip to the cinema or a movie night in. The power of the screen to capture my attention, spin my emotions on a moment and leave me turning words and images over in my head for days means this blog is right for me. I just hope I’m right for it after the credits roll.

About the Guests

I’m lucky enough in my life to have met a wide range of talented, interesting and wonderful film fanatics I would very much like to learn from and become more alike. These individuals are equally (if not more) interested in the wonderful world of movies than I am, and it’s my great pleasure to host their ideas, thoughts, and expertise here.

From across the globe, from different backgrounds, disciplines, skill sets and temperaments, these wonderful writers, filmmakers, and enthusiasts are part of the reason I’m here and who I am today. So the least I can do is share the internet with them. Check out some of the amazing talent they have to offer on the Reviews page here.